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In 1969 Dr. Ladislav Feník started working as a dentist and fulfilled his childhood dream of helping people get rid of their suffering caused by dental issues. From the beginning, he preferred the least painful whilst most effective treatment with priority on patient wellbeing and comfort. With the opening of a private practice in 1998, he became a pioneer in the field of implementing modern technology and procedures in the practice of a dentist.

When I took over his practice in 2008, as his daughter I decided to uphold and honour my father’s heritage and pursue his creed of providing patients with the best medical procedures to achieve the most effective and least painful treatment using the latest technologies and most advanced materials available. 

When I first tried and experienced as a patient the application of clear aligners, I was thrilled by this innovative method and decided to bring this technology to Slovakia. With the support of my family and experts, we have built a specialized workplace for the regional production of the entire range of clear aligners. The first in Central Europe! From scanning, treatment visualization, 3D model printing and the production of transparent aligners ready for delivery to dental clinics. Everything made by Slovak experts, using top world materials and modern technology. Within reach, safely and reliably. In order to bring this revolutionary method into the daily practice of doctors and fulfill their client's dream of a beautiful smile and a full life. Under available and affordable conditions. That is what we have been talking about and successfully delivering for over 50 years.

Ing. Mária Džundová, MBA

Co-owner and Co-founder